FLOSS ROSS - Actress / Writer / Director / Producer

Stiven and Christie Management

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       Height: 5’ 6”    Eyes: Blue    Hair: Red    Build: Medium    Playing range: 50+




Diploma in Acting and Performance from Langside College, Glasgow



Nadine George: voice workshop, RSAMD. Alan Greig: Contemporary Dance Course, Scottish Ballet.                 




The Bear Kings Daughters                     dir:   George Gunn                                    Citizens Theatre

Days of War and Rosie                          dir:   Jane Dunbar                                      Mad Cow Theatre Company

51 Pegasus                                            dir:   Tom Magill                                         Grey Coast Theatre Company

Private Lives                                          dir:    Grant Smeaton                                  Sacred Elephant Theatre Co                           

40 Women                                              dir:    La Ribot                                            Tramway Theatre

Beasts                                                    dir:    Callum Beaton                                   Arches Theatre

Antigone                                                 dir:    Carrie Westwater                              Theatre Found

Weans in the Wood                                dir:    Mark Cox Productions                      Cottiers Theatre

Cupar Bans (The Three Estates)           dir:    Carrie Westwater                              Linlithgow Palace

Babes in the Wood                                 dir:    Mark Cox Productions                      Webster Memorial Theatre

Spiders Web                                           dir:    David Lee-Michael                            Scottish tour

The Golden Hours on Angels Wings      dir:    David Lee Michael                            Scottish Tour

Five Have a Jolly Good Time                 dir:    Preston Clare                                    Scottish Tour

Rabbi Burns School Days                      dir:    Floss Ross                                        Various venues

Between Mouthful                              dir:    Alison Holliman                            Mugdock Country Park Theatre

Treasure Island                                  dir:   David Lee- Michael                       Scottish Tour

The Next Big Thing                                dir:    Alex Howarth                                    Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Every year since 2001 


DIRECTING  2019 - 2003

Devised and Directed

Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores. (Tramway 4.)

For Auld Lang Side. ( Langside 450, Queens Park Arena)

St Albert's Magic Museum ( St Albert's Primary School)

Dear Green Place ( Southside Festival Launch, Langside Halls Civic Square)

Baldy Bane Theatre Company 

Roddy Hogg  ( school tour)

Legal Weapon  ( school tour)

Friends Disunited  ( school tour)

The Journey  ( school tour)

School Daze  (school tour)


Fizzgig Theatre Company

Family Shows ( various venues)

Pantomimes ( various venues and school tour)

Fright Nights ( Mugdock Country Park)

Site Specific Theatre ( Mugdock Country Park)

Wee Sleekit, Cowrin’ Timrous Beastie  (various venues and school tour)

Rabbie Burns School Days



Aladdin ( various venues and school tour)


Hansel and Gretel ( various venues and school tour)


Rabbie Burns School Days (various venues)

Jack and the Beanstalk (various venues and school tour)


Cinderella ( various venues and school tour)

Rhuari Does X-Factor (various venues)






The Key


Days That Shook the World

Scottish Socialist Party Election Broadcasts 2007 and 201

Changed Days (BAFTA nominated  and Best Short Film NY Film Festival)

The State of Greenock (Scottish BAFTA)

Short Supply (A Hired Gun Production)

Needle and the Damage Done ( pre-production for Hired Gun Productions)

Demonologist For Hire


Voiceovers and Corporate Videos / Soundsmove Ltd

Short films and Corporate Videos / Media Access Centre, Glasgow

Voiceover for Legal Weapon (video game) / One O’clock Gun

Vogel Experience / Bioforce Ltd

Scottish Socialist Party Election Broadcast 2007

Scottish Socialist Party Election Broadcast 2010

Sandwood House Advert / STV

Music Video, Oh Jackie/ A Band Called Quinn


Directing, Writing, Producing, Role plays (police, dental and medical), Workshops, Storytelling, Equity member, clean driving license, various accents.


British Horse Society Riding Instructor, zumba, yoga, cycling, reading and beginner Ballet. Learning piano and accordion