Rhuari does Pets-Factor


The hotly anticipated sequel to “Who Stole My Sausage?”


The show about Rhuari the Dog,...............for Dogs.................(and all the family)!


After a traumatic year of ups and downs, Rhuari has reached the final of ‘The Pets Factor’. Can he win first prize ...an all-expenses paid trip to Frankfurter or will his love of sausages lead him astray? An interactive play for dogs.

Fizzgig Theatre

Fizzgig Theatre
Rhuari has a fizzle with Fizzgig

'Rhuari Does Pets-Factor' was written in 2015 by Floss Ross and sold out at the Southside Fringe Festival. It has been performed at family events from Ayr to Inverness and seen by over 300 dogs.

Inverness Performance for Play Pieces
Cast and special guest Lupo
Pets Factor
Dogs Dinner Theatre
Local dogs in search of some culture!

One of the images used to  promote our unique show for  dogs!!



'Who Stole My Sausage?' was first shown at the West-End Festival Glasgow in 2008. This image was taken in Pollok Park when we performed it as part of the Southside Festival in 2014